In 2013, out of a desire to be more consistently creative, I set myself a challenge. I started a blog in which I would post something that I had made each day for a year. These daily creations could be anything original: music, poems, art, ideas, films etc.

Although only managing 110 straight days of creations (paid creative work inevitably got in the way!) I found it a great lesson in creating simply for the sake of being creative.

I am particularly fond of some of the 'imagined' performances and installations I came up with so I am including some of my favourites below. Perhaps one day I'll be able to make some of them an actual reality...

Sea Shell Installation | Saturday Morning Happening | Twitter Box | Wind & Rain Installation | Edible Music | Oyster Card Music | Musicians On A Train | Vinyl Ice Rink | Musical Clock Cult | Surreptitious Syrup | Earth Ear | LSO Pissed | Charity Shop Party | 'So Quiet You Could Hear A Pin Drop' | Car Music | Path Music | Web Music | The Silent Sound Installation | Sound Perfumes | Canon Music | Ice Cream Music